Hitlerism, also commonly known as Nazism is a political ideology characterized by a highly centralized societal structure. It involves a free market economy, a high level of nationalism, and a cooperative relationship between the stste and its citizens. Religion is highly endorsed, as it keeps society orderly and focused. Adolf Hitler, the founder of the ideology, has stated that his system has four basic tenets:

  • Total union between the state and its citizens – the people must have a high sense of nationalism, identify themselves by their nation, and attempt to make all their actions in the best interest of the state, treating it as a "secondary God"
  • The state must provide a sense of wholeness – the government must sponsor and provide a vehicle that allows the people to become totally attached to such as a religion, ethnic group, or the state itself, so it becomes a part of them and motivates them to work toward the best interest of that vehicle.
  • The state must allow substantial freedoms to keep the people happy – no overbearing intrusions on personal liberty and no dictation; provide the people with what they want and need in order to keep them loyal to the state and must welcome any helpful innovations and contributions from people in the best interest of the state.
  • The state must provide a strong military and police force and always have a cause for people to work towards – make sure the people know that they will be punished for going against the state, keep crime down, punish those who are inefficient; the best cause for the people to work towards is a war.

This system has gathered steam since World War II, and has proved a worthy adversary to communism and republicanism. Quite a few nations remain Hitlerist, and these powers are all members of the Shanghai Coalition.

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