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Churchill decides they must trick the Nazis. To that end, he contacts one of the British secret agents stationed in occupied Norway, who goes by the code name "Harold". This secret agent has managed to get himself into the 11th Nordland division of the SS. He has been deployed to Western Europe in preparation for an invasion of the U.K. after receiving his orders from Churchill, he made his plans and prepared.

During an inspection of the division by Hitler and some advisers, including Himmler, when the section that Harold walks past, he pulls out his rifle, and fires point blank into the crowd of advisers, killing Hitler and seriously injuring four others, including Himmler, who. Unfortunately, he is then shot down by nearby members of the SS regiment.

With Hitler dead, and Himmler in critical condition, what shall become of the Reich?

Created by:Azecreth 20:33, August 15, 2010 (UTC)

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