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kaka people find and kill Hitler, and return home thereafter. The four chosen Green Berets are: Sergent Jacob Baker; Grenadier James Smith; Rifleman Jason O'Riley; Automatic Rifleman John Bryce. Armed with M1 Garands; a Browning Automatic Rifle, and a few dozen fragmentation grenades, the Fireteam boards a blimp, which takes off from Britain and sails above the clouds until they are directly over Berlin. Unseen in the black night sky, four figures dive from the dirigible, hurtling toward the countryside at terminal velocity, opening their parachutes moments from death; they ditch their parachutes in (Ironically) a ditch and silently head for Berlin.

The Fireteam makes their way to the Reichstag, and after silently killing the Nazi guards, they scale the side of the building, preparing for a vertical insertion. Once on top of the Reichstag they locate the Map Room, where Adolf Hitler and his cabinet are conferring of what to do. They cut a hole in the glass roof, slowly and silently, but the glass falls through the recently cut hole, leaving them no other choice but to immediately lob half a dozen grenades after it. In the ensuing chaos, more than half of the cabinet is killed, but Hitler escapes, thereby leaving no choice for the Fireteam but to go in after him. They enter through a side window, and wind their way into the labyrinthine behemoth; hallway after hallway, corridor after corridor, but after what seemed like hours, the Fireteam finds Hitler, and forty or so SS troops. A massive battle erupts, and the SS gain more and more ground, yet the Green Berets did not capitulate. After he is mortally wounded, Sergent Baker dons the backpack full of grenades, and charges into enemy fire, annihilating the SS and leaving a clear path to Hitler. The Fireteam's remaining constituents charges into Hitler's inner sanctum, and kill him on the spot. They bring his body, and that of their late Sergent to the Roof, and contact the blimp that brought them there. They return to America to bury their fallen comrade, and give Adolf's carcass to President Roosevelt.

Hitler is dead, the Reichstag is in ruin, and the Allies are preparing for the killing blow. Heinrich Himmler appoints himself Chancellor, how do the Germans react?

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