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One dark and stormy night, Hitler stays late working at the Chancellory building. The rain and lightning mask the sound of footsteps approaching the door. All of a sudden, the door is thrown open, and before Hitler can react, he is killed in a hail of gunfire. the staff is alerted at the sound of gunshots and calls the police. Unfortunately, by the time the police arrive, the killers have already made their escape.

Paul von Hindenburg, the ailing president of the Weimar republic, is confronted with this tragedy, and is also confronted with a dilemma of choosing a new prime minister. He could follow the demands of the Nazi Party, and put Himmler in charge. But that has risks, as elements opposed to the Nazi Party have shown themselves. He could attempt to set up a coalition government, or he could reappoint Franz Von Papen, although he is not popular in the Reichstag. What will the ailing President do?

Azecreth 17:17, July 19, 2010

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