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Later that year, Adolf Hitler is invited to attend a meeting at the Verfassungs Feier building in order to discuss people in his party who are believed to be "Traitors" to the Fatherland at the movement. On his way to the meeting, his car pulls over and the driver pulls out a pistol and shoots Hitler four times, three in the chest, and one time in the head. The driver then flees the scene, only to be apprehended later, but released for executing Hitler, unknowingly to the public of course.

Once Hitler is dead, the Nazi movement is broken, but not completely destroyed, a man known as Heinrich Himmler vows to uphold Hitler's ideals, and continue on his legacy. He successfully reunifies the Nazi party under the new guise of the " German Unification Movement" or GUM for short, their goal was to reunify Germany to its glorious self before WW1, conquering and eliminating those that would dare stand against the new order. Himmler, unlike Hitler is perceived as a complete lunatic, with no power, and over the next ten years he is slowly forgotten about while he gathers members and expands his influence.

What is Himmler's next move in 1937?

Keellinth 19:11, July 6, 2010

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