Alois Hitler, extremely frustrated at the German economy, decides to immigrate to America in January of 1889. He is accompanied by his wife Klara, who is pregnant with their 4th child, Adolf.


April 20th---

Adolf Hitler is born in Manhattan, New York to Alois and Klara Hitler.


Klara is beginning to notice that young Adolf is very talented in art, particularly drawing.


Hitler now sketches with a great amount of detail. The sketches include birds, other animals, famous people (both men and women), and a sketch of Monticello. He is also beginning to show an interest in American politics.


Hitler's father dies. Although grieving, Hitler entertains the minister and his mother at the funeral by sketching his father almost instantly (in less than five minutes).


Hitler meets Frank Loyd Wright in Buffalo in December and is very impressed with him.


April---Hitler celebrates his 18th birthday. He is getting increasingly political after reading some of the works of Voltaire and Neitzsche and he wonders why teenagers can go to war but not vote in U.S. elections. NOTE: He also thinks he might be gay.

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