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Hitler Wins is a scenario in which Nazi Germany wins World War II. In 1941, the Operation Barbarossa offensive was highly successful and the Soviet Union was pushed back to Moscow, and after the Battle of Moscow in 1941, the Soviet leadership fled to Ufa, a city in southern Russia near the Urals. The German Army pushed back to that point and besieged the city for several weeks before it was captured, and Stalin was killed. The surviving Soviet government fled beyond the Urals to Omsk and continued the war. Japan managed to defeat the US Pacific Fleet and cripple it, at the Battle of Midway. The US lost ground, and was soon fighting for Hawaii. After a brutal four-month battle, the islands were secured by Japan. Meanwhile, German forces invaded Switzerland, taking heavy casualties, and began invading Britain.

The German forces continued fighting Soviet partisans in a guerrilla war in Russia, and then used ethnic Chechens and Arabs to strike from the North Caucasus into Iraq. There, they set up a new regime called the Greater Arab Republic. At the same time, they granted Turkestan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and the North Caucasus independence from the new Russian Republic, the Nazi puppet state overseeing former Russian territory. Also, new puppet governments in Ukraine and Belarus were established.

Operation Barbarossa

In June 1941, the German Army began an invasion of the USSR. It was caught off guard, and the defenses of the Soviet Union were unable to stop the German advance. Much of Belarus and Ukraine were taken within the first week, with help of Germany's allies, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, and Croatia.

Fighting Soviet remnants

Japan wins at Midway

Fall of China

Liberation of India

European resistance grows

Notable Battles

Western Front

Eastern Front


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