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Hitler Is Killed by Traitor (CYOAH)

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Karl, the British sleeper agent in the German government, is invited to a conference at a Schloss outside of Berlin with several other government officials - including Adolf Hitler. Karl sees his chance to kill the Führer, and along with Admiral Canaris (his anti-Hitler colleague), Karl sets up an explosive device in his travel bag, with a silent three-minute timer.

The meeting starts at 9:00 AM sharp, and Karl gets his explosive past security without a problem, as the security guards are also working with him. Karl has arranged for Canaris to telephone the Schloss and ask for him at 9:50; so Karl can safely start the timer at 9:49 without looking suspicious. Instead of taking the phone call, Karl walks calmly out of the Schloss, where a car is waiting for him. By 9:52, Karl is on his way to a nearby Airfield, where a small airplane is waiting to take him to safety in Britain.

Karl touches down at RAF Uxbridge, and meets with British Intelligence, who inform him that his mission has been successful. Hitler is dead.

How does the German government react?

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