POD #1

March 1, 1889

Alois Hitler, who is extremely frustrated with the German economy, immigrates with his very-pregnant wife Klara to the United States.

April 10, 1889

Klara gives birth to a baby boy named Adolf in Manhattan, New York. Because of the stress of the move, the baby was a few weeks premature.

POD #2

November 7, 1912

Adolf Hitler casts his first vote for U.S. president: Republican William Howard Taft. Unfortunately, Woodrow Wilson wins, anyway. It is at this point that Hitler turns to politics.

POD #3

August 3, 1913

Hitler applies for a place in Yale to study politics.

POD #4

November 20, 1920

Hitler, mainly due to his great oratory skills from being an actor, becomes the congressman for the 11th district of New York. After unseating sitting congressman Daniel Riordan in the primaries, he very easily defeats the young and inexperienced Democrat.

May 6, 1928 Adolf Hitler becomes Herbert Hoover's running mate in the elections, which they win.

October 29, 1929

Herbert Hoover, on Hitler's advice vetoes the Smoot Hawley tariff act, which helps to lift America out of the recession earlier than in OTL, but does not prevent the Depression's effects across the world.

November 20, 1932

Herbert Hoover wins the election again.

March 5, 1934

The Nuremberg Laws are passed in Germany. Hoover announces that America shall be a safe haven for any Jews fleeing persecution. KKK membership spikes to 10 million.

November 29, 1936

Hitler becomes the 32nd US President (Hoover declined to run citing the 2 term tradition). Because of tensions with the British Empire, Hitler swings the economy into a war march (The US military budget was already the largest in the world. Hitler also orders that bunkers be installed in every city and has a military base constructed in the Grand Canyon.

POD #5

July 20, 1943

In one of his now-famous "fireside chats" (done by Roosevelt in OTL) Hitler says that it is now time for the congress to decide when the next U.S Presidential election will be held, as the 1940 elections had to be canceled because of the war effort. He says the most logical thing to do would just be to simply hold it at the normal time in 1944. Although Hitler has already had the longest first term in history, he announces that he will be running for a second term. Vice President Wilkie remains uncommitted because he is considering a run for Governor of his home state.

October 21 1944

Eva Braun, Hitler's wife of over a year, dies in a car crash, which shakes Hitler's catholic faith to the core. After consultations with the pope, Hitler goes to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Christ.

November 29 1944

Adolf Hitler wins the election against Harry Truman.

POD #6

June 8, 1946

Hitler marries for a third time in a private ceremony to a woman he met while vacationing at Lake Michigan. The new first lady is Kathleen Maddox (she is much more responsible and is not a heavy drinker ATL) Hitler quickly adopts her somewhat troubled son, Charles Manson, and he becomes Charles Alois Hitler on July 1st of that year.


February 8, 1946

Hitler shocks the nation when he announces he is not going to seek re-election in line with the 2 term tradition.

July 1, 1946

Hitler begins to see similarities between Charles and his dead son. Hitler begins to teach Charles how to paint.

August 6, 1946

Hitler enrolls Charles in a private school in Maine.

September 1, 1946

Although Charles is very troubled because of his early background and has been in several fights (and even tried to run away during the first week), he is beginning to show signs of improvement due to the structured environment of the boarding school. The headmaster and the president encourage him to focus on his budding talent for painting.

January 1, 1947

Charles gives the headmaster a gift, a now-famous portrait of his adopted father, President Hitler, on horseback. The portrait is now in the Smithsonian, but for many years hung in the headmaster's office.

June 1, 1947

Charles begins a somewhat unusual summer job. He is getting so good at his painting that he begins selling them.

August 3, 1947

Charles returns to the private school in Maine. He is now a model student, only neglecting his studies when he is painting, of course.

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