Hitler 1918

An Austrian Man who was killed in 1916.

On one drizzly summer day in Belgium in 1916, the German-led army marched to war in the Battle of Somme. In their ranks they had a young Austrian man. He was as nervous as any other soldier on the battlefield. On that drizzly day, that man, with thousands of other men were injured and occasionally, killed. Indeed, as you might have guessed now, that man is Adolf Hitler.

This Timeline explores a world where Adolf Hitler died on the Weatern Front in World War I. Without strong leadership, the Nazi Party never wins the 1933 Election in Germany; the victors being the Communist. This, as well as many other facts, lead to an alternative World War II.

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Differences from the OTL

  • The Nazi Party never takes control of Germany; therefore Germany becomes Communist.

Detailed Timelines


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