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On a warm summers night, a fire breaks out at the German Chancellory building, by the time the fire fighting divisions get there, an entire wing of the building has been burned to the ground. The firefighters manage to contain the rest of the blaze, and when they finally look for survivors, they discover the barely recognizable body of Adolf Hitler. The body is so badly burned, it is impossible to tell what killed him. In an unfortunate piece of luck, Paul von Hindenburg, the president of the Weimar republic, was also caught in the blaze and killed. With the weimar republic leaderless, it seems that the nation was heading for disaster. Luckily, the nation had the Reichstag, who held an emergency meeting to determine who should lead the nation. It was split between the three major factions, Nazi's, socialists, and social democrats.

Who triumphed on that hot day in the closed halls of the reichstag?

Azecreth 17:43, July 21, 2010

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