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The anti-Nazis have a meeting, and decide the best way to kill Hitler is to make it look like an accident while he is visiting his father in the countryside. They hire a mercenary, an Irish man known as John; they tell him to kill Hitler, and to make it look like an accident. John gets the information of where and when Hitler will be, and makes for the countryside twenty-four hours in advance. While in the countryside, he kills a German man and steals his car; he then drives it to an area just far enough from Hitler's father's home that it may not be seen, covers it with leaves and branches to camouflage it, and lies in wait.

Sure enough, Hitler arrives, stays at his father's place for a few hours, and when the sun sets, leaves. John sees his chance, hops in the stolen car, and floors the accelerator. The metal machine raged forward, exploding out of the shadow of the hill, and T-boned Hitler's car for all its worth. After doing a filp into a gully, the car is totaled and Hitler is badly wounded. John rushes down the embankment to find Hitler stumbling out of his vehicle, unaware of what has just transpired. John grabs a large piece of windshield glass, and stabs Hitler in the jugular, thereby killing him. With another piece of glass, John punctures the gas tank, and goes up the embankment to get his vehicle. Once enough gasoline had spilled out, he disposes of the body, both vehicles and a cigar.

"ADOLF HITLER KILLED IN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT!" The papers read the next day. The anti-Nazis are ecstatic, but have no idea the events set in motion. With Adolf Hitler dead, Heinrich Himmler takes over the Nazi party. Himmler says he wishes only the best for Germany, and for the world; he says he envisons a perfect world, with no crime, flying cars, etc. This gives him immense public support, and the Nazi party gains power.
Hitler car crash

German Police near the scene of Hitler's Death

What do you do?

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