This article is about the victory of the National Socialist German Workers Party over the entire world and it's progress


Assassins fail to kill Reinhard Heydrich Nazi spies murder an elderly Nikola Tesla and steal his research on Teleforce death rays and Tesla coils as well as gaining Intel on Edison's light bulbs and also trace down some research of Einstein's. Through this they also gain information on the Manhattan project. Back in Germany the Nazi scientists get to work and also research with automatons. With their new futuristic technology they have created fully functioning living artificially intelligent war machines but without free will. They also perfect the Horton Ho 229 bombers and also invent advanced Gyrocopters.With V2 rockets Hitler's forces invade Russia and make an alliance with the Russian Fascist organization. The Soviet Union trembles before a greater evil. Stalin is paraded through the streets and is brutally executed. The Nazis take Russia! Fransisco Franco and Mussolini are spellbound by Hitler's empire and convert their nations to Nazism. 


Germany promises to the disbanded German American Bund the Klu Klux Klan the Silver legion of America and the American Fascist party that they will be rewarded greatly if they help the Nazi cause. With help from Japan and the other allies of the Axis powers America is slowly but surely succumbing to Fascist rule. 

While this is ongoing Hitler also promises to install Oswald Mosley as Prime minister of Nazi Britain with Edward VII as king. Mosley and the BUF plan and succeed in the assassination of Winston Churchill with help from Arnold Leese

and welcome Messerschmidt planes. The IRA having been backed up with Nazi occupied Britain take Ireland. Adrien Arcane refounds the National Union party of Canada and becomes allies with German American Bund leader Fritz Kuhn. With a Nazi revolution in America Luftwaffe bomb Washington DC and arrest Franklin D Roosevelt and imprison him. 

Two weeks later Hitler himself arrives at the VA parade outside the Senate building and gives a speech as the new Führer of the USA. Fritz Kuhn becomes the Mayor of Manhattan.  With the Americans research on atomic bombs the Nazis make them by the dozens.China without its Soviet ally is under attack from Japan and in the middle of a speech by Mao Zedong Nazis bomb the government building killing Mao and 200 people. Japan has one side of China while the Hitler regime has the other. Unbeknownst to the Japanese Hitler is sterilizing enslaving and executing mass amounts of the Chinese people. Soon the Chinese are nearly an extinct race and The Nazis decide to help the Koreans fight Japan with their own agenda. The Koreans along with the Nazis fight Japan and a betrayed Hideki Tojo is assassinated. Emperor Hirohito knew Hitler would betray him. Hirohito frightened for his life and his people decides to convince Japan to make Atom bombs of their own but they do not succeed as the Nazis bomb Nagasaki. Japan surrenders to Nazi Germany and then The Germans turn against Korea and nuke them killing most of the population of the country. He segregates families and exterminates masses of Japanese people and does so in Korea.

Brazil is invaded by Hitler's forces and the Integralists are installed as the only party. Black members are excluded and are segregated in shanty districts on an island. Josef Mengele becomes Führer of Brazil and is known as President Mengele.

Africa has been conquered and the AI Nazi killing machines "cleanse" it of "racially inferior insects" 

Judaism Sikhism Catholicism, Communism and Democracy are all banned.

Now with unlimited power Hitler controls everything. The new Fascist nations begin to literally shape their cities and people into Aryan culture. A new chapter of human history begins as many call it the "new age " or the "age of the machine". Televisions are in most homes in America and Europe but are banned in Asia. The Televisions include talk shows live events and also with massive screens on buildings in American British Russian and German cities live executions take place.


Hitler's Germania is under construction and with progress with rocket research headed by Werner Von Braun The Nazis land on the moon and build large bases and finish construction of the Solar ray. The Nazi regime also plans on colonizing Mars and has already built underground cities in Antarctica. The Nazis also perfect their " UFOs" and produce lots of biochemical weapons. Humanities freedom is under control and even small rebellions are very rare. Mount Rushmore has been blown to pieces and Kaiser Wilhelm II's face is engraved into what used to be a landmark of past presidents. The statue of Abraham Lincoln is changed to a statue of Hitler and buildings everywhere adorn Nazi banners and some pictures of the Führer's face. Joseph Goebbels becomes vice president. Heinrich Himmler is  now in charge of a Nazi controlled Kazakhstan as well as Mongolia and Ukraine. Integralists Leader Salgido dies of cancer and Brazil mourns his death. The Nazis have also destroyed Australasia with biochemical weapons and atom bombs with seemingly no survivors at all. Stalinists are executed in Moscow for trying to take over the Nazi Russian government. Hitler finally builds his museum of an extinct race. Germany flourishes as a global superpower. Albert Speer dies after having a heart attack.Hitler decides to build The Albert Speer Monorail in memorial for him. Hitler also wears his brown uniform agthe

The Nazis take India and put Oswald Mosley the BUF and King Edward VII in charge. Again the Nazis try to cleanse the Earth and begin extermination.


Hitler celebrates his 57th birthday at his new Palace in the new Berlin. The great Hall is nearly complete and Berlin is being considered the New York of Europe. Fransisco Franco orders the extermination of 5000 imprisoned former Communists with permission from the Führer. Mussolini is ill and is showing signs of becoming delirious as well as having a yellow tinge to his skin. This comes to the attention of Heinrich Himmler who discuses with Hitler what to do with this problem. Hitler tells Himmler that if Mussolini's condition becomes any worse than it currently is they will have to remove him from power. Mussolini is found dead from choking on his own blood. Fransisco Franco is put in charge of Italy as well as Spain. 1950:

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