In this timeline, Adolf Hitler and the Axis Powers won World War II , which resulted in the prospering Third Reich controlling almost half the world, while being in a state of cold war with the United States since 1945.

The Point-of-divergence from our timeline happened on August 22, 1890 in the German town of Frankfurt-am-Main. Carpet-salesman Heinrich Gottlieb was travelling to Hamburg by train. In our timeline, he successfully reached the 7.15AM train. However, in this alternate timeline a horse-ridden carriage broke loose, crashing into Gottlieb's path, which caused him to break a leg. While recuperating in the hospital, he met Anna Schmidt, a nurse working there, and the two soon fell in love. They married the following year, and their first child, Johann Gottlieb was born in 1893.

Fifty years later, Professor Johann Gottlieb, one of the world's most accomplished scientists and a fanatical believer of Nazi ideals, led the team of expert physicists who had one goal: to create the ultimate weapon. Thanks to Gottlieb's genius, they succeeded.

In 1944, the Third Reich dropped the world's first atomic bomb on the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Two days later, Great Britain capitulated. Hitler was ready for the invasion of North America, however by this time, the United States also succeeded with their Manhattan Project. Trapped in a draw situation, the war ended with the USA getting out of it, leaving Europe in Hitler's hands - who first finished conquering the Soviet Union. In 1945, the world's two superpowers, the United States and Nazi Germany began what is known as the Cold War, lasting until today.

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