Nikola Tesla is Assassinated in his hotel room by Nazi spies. The spies steal some of his research and also murder Thomas Edison and steal his work on electronics. They then find documents of Einstein's work and take them as well. Hitler's forces also find a secret society called the Daat Yichud and take their advanced technology and equipment and make more. Hitler's spies then help Oswald Mosley escape from prison and help him set up a new BUF which leads a successful assassination on Winston Churchill. Oswald Mosley is named the new Prime Minister with Lord Halifax as his subordinate. The Nazis quickly invade and conquer England and Wales as well as the lower end of Scotland. The IRA helps the Nazis dominate Ireland. In America The German American Bund is refounded and the Klu Klux Klan collaborate and conspire with them to take America. Meanwhile in Brazil the Brazilian intergralists launch a successful Coup d'etat and take Brazil but on the Orders of Germany change their flag colour from Green/Blue to Red to match the NSDAP's flag. The Russian Fascist organization also help Hitler and with Germanies technological advancements Take the Soviet Union. Stalin's forces are outmatched by the Reich's Superior Artificial intelligence Machines and Horton Ho 229 jets.

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