Continued from Previous Article: History of the United States 1900-1950 (Napoleon's World):

The Early Cold War: 1950-1964

Bush and the Civil Rights Struggle

English Adventure and Formation of Blocs

The Hoover Years: Poor Economy and the Bomb Scare

The Role of the Superpower 1964-1980

The Culture of the Sixties

Van Dyke Takes a Stand: The Conservative Government in Action

The Conservative Challenge: The Dawley and Eisler Administrations

Sunny Seventies and Meltdown of '79

The Dark Years: Economic Woes and Resurgent Cold War 1980-2000

The Brazilian War and the Depression of 1979-83

Cold War Tension and Economic Recovery

Golf, Stagflation and Lipcourt: The Redford Presidency

Scandal and Recession: John Burwin and the Divided Democrats

The Evolution of Civil Rights and Social Liberalism

Internet Boom, Police Actions and the Martin Miracle: America at the Close of the Century

21st Century

The Resurgent Democrats

A New Cold War on the Horizon?

The Springsteen Effect: Conservative Backlash Against the Democratic Agenda

Globalization and America's New Role as Superpower in a Multipolar World

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