Indian War of Independence

Ever since their annexation by the British Empire, the Sikhs harboured a hatred of their masters. The British East India Company had stopped writing coins in Akbar II's name in 1830 and dissatisfaction increased. However, war began in 1833, when Akbar II was told by Sikh representatives that they made up a large amount of the army and most Sikh sepoys, who made up the majority of the government, would support Akbar II. Declaring the independence of India from Ladakh to Ceylon, from Baluchistan to Manipur, the self-proclaimed Hindustani Emperor Akbar II called upon Sikh legions to murder every British person they see. By 1840, although Akbar II had died from old age, his son Bahadur Shah Zafar was emperor. British authority had disintegrated. The bloody Indian War of Independence was successful.

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