The War

On October 31st, 1962, at approximately 12:49 AM EST, Havana and Santiago was devastated by a one megaton warhead that destroyed the interior of the city. The blast killed Fidel and Raúl Castro, as well as leaders of the military.

Post War

Cuba (Cuban Escalation)

Cuba after the "War".

When dawn broke over Cuba on November 1, 1962 residents were able to determine their current situation. Firestorms continued to burn in Havana, Santiago and Miami, resulting in an hazy thick smoke that blocked out the sun for the next few days. Aside from the two strikes on Havana and Santiago, the island managed to escape practically unscathed. However, the most lethal fallout was coming from the Havana strike, which led to the Cuban Army temporarily evacuating the western portion of the island until the fallout dissipated. The Cuban Army ordered the quarantine of the radioactive ruins of Santiago and Havana, and the rationing of food, water, and gasoline. Vehicles were also confiscated and to be used as scrap metal for the military and emergency services. The C

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