Continued from: History of Alaska 1817-1912.

The following article traces the history of Alaska from the end of the Age of Anasenko in 1912 all the way through the present day constitutional monarchy and the ascendance of Svetlana Karalova. This era of Alaska's history is best defined by its four long-ruling Tsars, Nicholas I, Alexander I, Alexander III and Nicholas II.

The Age of Nicholas I: 1912-1934

Antisemitism, Alaskan Nationalism and the New Economy

The Authority of the Crown vs. the Progressives

Alaska as a Regional Power

The Pacific War

A "Democratic Alaska:" The Constitution of 1926, Suffrage and Inequality

The Booming Thirties and the Alaskan Plutocracy

The Age of Alexander I: 1934-1964

The Liberal Shift: The Rise of the Alaskan Labor Movement

The Decline of the Nobility

The End of the Oil Boom and the New Role of the Duma

The War With Siberia and Alaska's New Foreign Influence

The Age of Sighovaryin: Progressive and Reactionary?

The Golden Age Ends: Earthquake of 1964 and Assassination of Alexander II

The Age of Alexander III: 1964-1991

The Wounds of Division: The Turbulent 1960's in Alaska

The "Corrupt Conservatives" and August Revolution

The Kialgory Boom and the Modern Economy

Alexander III as a "Modern Emperor"

1979 Economic Crash and the Civil War in Sitka

The Age of Valenko: Anticorruption Crusades and the North-South Scandal

Revolution of 1991: The Premiership of Antonov and the Abdication of Alexander III

Nicholas II and Modern Day: 1991-Present

The Liberal Lanslide of 1992 and Constitutional Reform

The Age of Molotov and the Constitutional Monarchy

"Law and Order Again in Alaska:" Understanding the New Conservatives

The Age of Putin

The 21st Century: Green Energy, Environmentalism and the Young Alaskan Movement

Svetlana Karalova: The Middle Road Movement and Its Significance

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