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History of Alaska 1817-1912 (Napoleon's World)

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The following article follows the history of Alaska from the formation of the Russian-American Company and the early stages of the Russian Exodus (alternatively referred to as the First Russian Diaspora) in 1817 until the retirement of Premier Boris Anasenko in 1912.

A Transfer of Empires: 1817-1845

Fall of Imperial Russia and Russian Exodus

Russian-American Company and Russian Alaska

Siberian Age and the "Survivor State"

The Alaskan Identity: The Tolstoy Expedition and Mass Immigration

Independence and the Rise of the Lermontovs

The Lermontov Age: 1845-1877

Alaskan Expansion

Nobility and New Neighbors: Politics Under Michael I

The Indian Conflicts and the "Shared Country"

The Rise of Feodor II

The Conflict of Empire: 1877-1898

The Alaskan-Native Alliance and the Economy of the Plains

Border Disputes and Tensions with the United States and French Canada

The March To War: Opinions of the Conflict

The Alaskan-American War

The Dmitrov Coup and the Peace of 1887

Reign of Michael II and the "True Society"

The Age of Anasenko: 1898-1912

The Changing Alaskan Economy

Foreign Relations Under Anasenko

The "Neutered Emperor:" Changing Roles in Alaskan Governance

The Rise of the Liberal Movement

Social Engineering and Ethnic Tension in Alaska

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