When returning to their dorm to grab a lost computer, Theo Bell, Rob Grandon, Tim Pasco, Dorothy Griffin, and Cheyenne Space are transported to through time along with their school campus.

Theo Bell

Born in Seattle in 1989 Theo displayed an early interest for history and flight. In 2007 Theo was accepted into the US Congressional Page Program and became extremely proficient with the political process. In 2008 Theo was accepted into Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study Astronautical Engineering. Though he struggled for his first semester, Theo managed to join a student research project where he made significant strides with hypersonic propulsion.

Rob Grandon

Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Rob has always displayed a love and understanding of mechanics and engineering. In 2008 Rob was accepted into ERAU and ended up rooming with Theo. The two quickly began to work together on a series of projects, mostly involving Backyard Ballistics and the Anarchists Cookbook. In 2009 Rob, Tim, and Theo raced in the Baja 250 with a homebuilt Baja Buggy, with Theo in the chase truck. While Rob did not join the hypersonic team, he did start his own project to study the effectiveness of a cyclone engine in light aircraft.

Dorothy Griffin

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dorothy has constantly struggled to maintain her interest in Biochemistry while maintaining a stable image in LA's inner city. In 2007, she moved to Seattle, where she met Theo. Theo opened Dorothy up to his style of unapologetic intellectualism, and the two quickly became good friends. In 2008 Dorothy was accepted into UC Berkley, where she studied Biochemistry and eventually minored in Eugenics. In 2010 Dorothy left for Prescott with here Biomechanics Professor to observe a talk on the effects of the human body in zero gravity. While at ERAU, she ran into Theo and decided to simply ride with him and the rest of the five students back to LA, where they were planning to leave for winter break anyway. It was actually because of Dorothy that the group found themselves trapped in another time. While making there way out of Prescott, Dorothy realized that she had left her professors laptop back at the dorm, resulting in the rendezvous with the event that sent them into the past.

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