On February 27th, 1193, a young boy is born to Beregaria of Navarre and King Richard I of England, the boy is named Henry and stays with his parents for the first few months of his life in Cyprus. Prince Henry is deemed healthy enough to move in November at 9 months old. He is moved to England where is father introduces him as "the heir" to the royal court.

Throughout the first few months of his time in England he had many courtiers assigned to him and Prince Henry's education began. However his education was cut short, his father, King Richard I had been killed in battle while campaigning in the Holy Roman Empire in 1199, Henry became King Henry III at just six years old.

An regent was appointed to lead the country until King Henry's coming of age, his uncle Prince John. John was a very unpopular ruler and was rumoured that he was planning to kill the young King and seize the throne for himself. In 1204 Normandy was lost and in 1208 people started to rebel, in 1209 King Henry, now 16, leads an armed rebellion against his uncle. King Henry slowly marches through England gaining support before finally capturing London and banishing his uncle, the true reign of King Henry III had begun.


A lot of reconstruction had to be done of the disastrous rule of Prince John, in 1210 King Henry III announced that all produce that farmers made had to distributed equally plus be imported to the mainland, this way England could get more money more quickly. In 1212 King Henry, now 19, was pressured to marry and have children, he turned to Urraca of Castille and Leon. Urraca was originally supposed to marry into Portuguese royalty. However, her father decided to wait to see if there was an better suiter, King Henry decided to offer Urraca his hand in marriage. A alliance with England samed quiet attractive for King Alfonso VIII and confirmed the marriage.

For the first four years of marriage, King Henry and Queen Urraca would produce no children whatsoever, this would lead to rumours that the King was homosexual while others believed that the Queen was possessed by Satan. Finally though on April 12th, 1216, Queen Urraca gave birth to an sickly boy who was named William Henry Richard Alfonso. The Kingdom rejoiced with the birth of a male heir though the rejoicing would soon be cut short.

That same year a new rumour was circulating, many believed that King Henry III was illegitimate.

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