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  • POD: 391 BCE – Marcus Furius Camillus, in a time of voluntary exile from Rome, steps on a snake on his way to Ardea. The snake bites him, and he is subsequently poisoned and dies. His wife and son make it safely to Ardea.
  • 387 BCE – The Senones, a Gallic tribe, invade Rome and all its surrounding cities, looting them and scattering the citizens with little resistance.
  • 336 BCE – Alexander III of Macedon becomes king of the Greek state of Macedon.
  • 335 BCE – Macedonian forces defeat the Thracian forces to the north. In Sicily, the Etruscans assist Carthage in an offensive against Syracuse, which ends in a stalemate.
  • 334 BCE – A joint Carthaginian and Etruscan campaign successfully defeats Syracusian forces, bringing the city under Carthaginian hegemony. Alexander declares war on Persia, invading Asia Minor.
  • 332 BCE – Not willing to risk making the mistake of Syracuse again, Carthage invades and annexes several other major Greek cities. Tied up in Persia, Macedon is unable to help.
  • 336 BCE – Carthage secures full control of Sicily. A new age of prosperity begins for Carthage.
  • 323 BCE – Alexander prepares a fleet to attack Sicily and Carthage. However, before he can implement his plans, he dies, ending the Macedonian empire. The empire is split into four power blocs.
  • 304 BCE – Ptolemaic Egypt opens trade relations with Carthage. Worried about the growing influence of Carthage in the Mediterranean, the remaining Greek states form a coalition to try and resist.
  • 294 BCE – Carthage launches an invasion of Mauritania to cement control over the Strait.
  • 82 BCE – China and Carthage make first contact along the Silk Road and establish trade relations.
  • 370 – Huns cross the Volga river and subjugate the Alans.
  • 395 – Hunnic invasion of Greece.
  • 698 – Celtic Union Act is signed in Nantes, uniting the Kingdoms of Gaul and Albion and forming the United Kingdoms of Celtia.
  • 774 – Carthage discovers OTL Australia.
  • 832 – Nords sail up to and begin colonisation of Greenland.
  • 1127 – Carthage discovers OTL South America. They do not give it a name, simply calling it “the land to the west”.
  • 1133 – Carthaginian trade port is established on the coast of OTL South America.
  • 1136 – The UKC and the Nords launch an expedition westwards, discovering the east coast of OTL North America. The leader of the expedition, Lleywyn Afal, names the land “Avalon”, after herself. The name quickly catches on.
  • 1137 – Nords found the colony of Vinland in OTL Newfoundland.
  • 1138 – Carthaginian explorers circumnavigate South Avalon and obtain maize and potatoes.
  • 1140 – Carthage succeeds in cultivating potato crops. The UKC founds the colony of New Brittany in OTL Florida.
  • 1141 – Korean scientist discovers gunpowder.
  • 1168 – A crude cannon is developed in Korea.
  • 1178 – Carthaginian colony of New Tyre is established in South Avalon.
  • 1205 – Carthage founds a colony in OTL Cuba and begins mapping the south coast of North Avalon.
  • 1224 – Celts send a ship to explore Mexico. However, they are shipwrecked by a hurricane on the way and end up stranded in OTL Puerto Rico, unable to complete their mission.
  • 1332 – Carthage makes contact with Korea. Upon landing, they sell the Koreans ship-building techniques and materials in exchange for ballistics technology, so that the Koreans can deal with their pirate problem.
  • 1343 – Korea successfully deploys an armada of cannon-wielding ships, crushing a raiding party of pirates.
  • 1489 – Assassination attempt on the Chinese Emperor, followed by the declaration of succession by the northern Chinese states. Chinese Civil War begins.
  • 1498 – The document known as the Rights of the People is formed by the people of the UKC to respond to King Caderyn XII's destructive leadership. They order him to abdicate from the throne.
  • 1501 – Chinese Civil War ends. Successionist states are re-annexed into the Chinese Empire. Several, however, refuse Chinese hegemony and request annexation by Korea. Korea acquieces and declares them as part of their territory.

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