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This is a History/Timeline in the Timeline Temujin's Failure.

13th Century

The Fracturing

The Fracturing took place in 1206 and was finalized in 1208.

  • Events:
    • Genghis Khan (Temujin) dies at the Jin Dynasty's hand.
    • Mongolia fractures.
    • The Merkits reassert independence in 1206.They are 1st new tribe.
    • The Taichuds and Jalayr reassert independence in 1206
    • The Kereit become independent in 1207.
    • The Oirats commonly known as the Ongirrad seize sovereignty in 1207.
    • The Treaty of Karkarum dissolves the Mongol Khanate.The Gengids commonly know simply as Mongols replace it where the other tribes are recognized.The 6 Tribes of Mongolia are formed.
  • Map:


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