The King is dead, Long live the King

With the Kings death came another thing, telling the people. However there was disagreement where the official declaration of the Kings death should take place. Many nobles and aristocrats thought that the announcement should take place in Paris while others Versailles, Paris is a very big city however Versailles was the official residence of the King. It was eventually put down for the Grand Dauphine Louis (now King Louis XV) to decide who thought that it would be more appropriate for the announcement to take place at Versailles. The Declaration of the Kings death took place the next day 10.00 Am on November 2nd, thousands began to cry when they heard that the Sun King was dead.

King Louis' funeral took place in Paris three days later on November 5th, the dead kings hearse was towed by twenty horses dressed in black, King Louis XV's carriage came behind however his horse was only towed by ten horses to show that he was beneath King Louis XIV. The King was buried in the Basilica Saint Denis.

Louis XV's coronation took place the next year in the height of Spring, thousands flocked to Notre Dame to see the grand event. Louis was crowned King Louis XV of France and Navarre, the crown was placed upon Louis' head and another King had been anointed.

Invasion of the Netherlands (1692-1698)

There were still many questions to be asked, many were sure that Louis XIV had been poisoned and so an assassination. At first it was not clear who had done it. However after an investigation it was discovered that English agents had slipped poison into King Louis' wine all the way back in January. In response King Louis XV ordered French forces to seize the Netherlands through Spanish Flanders, however the French army met heavy resistance along the border. King William got word of the advancing French and hurried from England to the Netherlands.

Fighting continued for years, in 1693 The Hague was conquered, in 1694 most of Urect was taken by the French which slowed down King William's forces, King William was sent into grief when he heard that his wife Queen Mary II had died. A year 1695 the French marched on Amsterdam, King William's forces were routed to the North and a provisional capital was set up in Groningen. Later in 1696 King William was heavily wounded in the battle of Friesland, he died a week later of blood poisoning. Anne, his sister-in-law, became Queen Anne I of England, Scotland and English-Ireland.

Despite attempts to make peace, the French continued to push for control of the Netherlands. In 1697 the city of Groningen was miles away from advancing French forces, Prince Consort George went to the Netherlands where he was made Commander-in-chief of the Dutch forces. However, nothing could save the Netherlands now as no other Protestant country wanted to get involved. Groningen was finally conquered in 1698 and the English were forced to sign an embarrassing treaty with France, the war Franco-Dutch war was at an end.

Continuing problems with England (1698-1704)

With the Netherlands now French, Louis XV felt it was now time to deal with England once and for all, though not by direct invasion. The King decided that France would have to go up against England in a kind of race, the colonies were still new in the Americas and it was the perfect place to conduct this "race".

A period between 1698 and 1704 took place where France started to cripple England's colonies in the Americas, Recession hit England in 1702 and by 1704 things had gotten much worse. Ireland started to rebel against rule from London and the French started to support them, the Irish war of independence had begun.

Irish War of Independence

The Irish War of Independence began in 1704 with the Irish rebellion, it started in Dublin where people protested about food shortages, in the province of Ulster, Lord William Coleman started to created his own private military to stop British forces from occupying the island, this was supported by the French.

Finally on June 23rd 1704 war began with British troops attempting to occupy Dublin,

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