TL differences

In the Americas

  • The Illini tribe does not die in the mass genocide done to them by the Ottowas. They form a large Illini Union.

In Europe

In Asia

In Africa

In Australia

In Oceana


During the rennasiance a small plague occurs in Italy. It wipes out 20% of the population and stops the ideas of the rennasiance. Nearing the same time a mini ice age occurs and famines break out in Europe. TheIce Age puts stress on the northern Asian states and even in the meanwhile asian power was collapsing. In Africa the kingdoms are not tha affected, but when famine breaks out in Arabia Africa is left to create its own culture and many people in Southern Africa still live in hunter gatherer tribes. In the Americas around the equator civilizations prosper and bloom because the climate does not affect them that much. In Northern America, though, the climate forces small tribes to come together to survive creating more civilizations and unity in the Northern tribes. 


  • 1452- A mini ice age destroys some northern states in Asia and damages the European society. Russia begins its collapse. A group of rebels of Ming China in Annam form the new Khmer empire while China falls into decline.
  • 1457- The tribes in northern Mongolia begin to come together and form states in order to survive the cold winters.
  • 1458- Tribes in North and South America come together to start creating countries.
  • 1462- England goes to war with France over food for Englands damaged society. Italy is unified much earlier in order to survive the Ice Age and produce more resources.
  • 1465- Asia begins to circulate around the new Jurchen Empire just north of China.
  • 1467- The Khmer empire falls to a tribute state of the new Jurchen Empire
  • 1470- the Jurchen Empire begins its campaigns against China. The mandarins of China send out their armies.
  • 1471- Srivijaya attacks China from the south.
  • 1474- Castille attacks the Portuguese for food.
  • 1475- Venetian explorers are sent out from Venice to look for resources and aid. They are found on the coast of North Africa.
  • 1477- China is split into a civil war between the mandarins and the former Ming dynasty admirals and people who wanted the trading and international relationships of China.
  • 1480- The Russian empire ends and the kingdoms in Scandinavia split into several kingdoms.
  • 1482- Inuits flee Greenland, Iceland, and Northern Canada.
  • 1483- The Incan Empire begins to expand its Maritime force. It starts its conquests to the south and west.
  • 1484- The Northern Wars period begins world wide. Refugees fleeing the Ice Age cause economic trouble and overflow in some Northern towns.
  • 1487- Poland splits into two and is divided in a civil war.
  • 1488- The territory of the Jurchen Empire begins to shrink.
  • 1489- India's people start to worry about food supplies. Efforts are made to Save food.
  • 1493- Famines spread throughout Ireland, Britain, Scotland, France, Germany, war-torn Poland, Austria-Hungary, and Romania.
  • 1495- Ireland rebels from England and takes away some Scottish land.
  • 1498- Germany is split into civil war.


  • 1500- Italy grows in population and becomes a world powerhouse. Ireland establishes the United Kingdom of Ireland.
  • 1512- Denmark joins with Germany in order to survive. The Incas conquer the Tierra del Fuego. The Muisca's two civilizations join in war. The daughter of the Zipa of Bacata secretly marries the son of the Zaque in Hunza and create a unified Muisca state.
  • 1515- Incas discover Antarctica. The Muiscas conquer Panama. The Jurchen dynasty makes an alliance with Persia. The Persians hire Jurchen mercenaries and attack the Arabs. The Persians expand northward into formerly Russian territory
  • 1516- The Ottomans conquer the Empire of Trebizond, which had survived longer in this TL.
  • 1517- The ottoman empire becomes a world superpower. Treaties are made between France and Spain.
  • 1518- In Oceana Hawaii falls into chaos when a disease spreads across the islands. This prevents the discovery of America even more. Australia begins to form the Kingdom of Uluru.
  • 1520- Persia conquers part of Arabia. The Ottomans begin to predict a war and start to produce more military technology. The Jurchen Empire starts to collapse. The Polynesian Islands also begin to experience the same diseases as did the Hawaiian islands. Spain is divided into civil war.
  • 1523- The Kingdom of Ireland gains its first King, King Patrick of Ulster. Scotland is officially conquered.
  • 1527- Famine collapses the Kingdom of Ireland and Ireland splits into three Kingdoms. The kingdom of Eire, Kingdom of Ulster and the Kingdom of Scotia.
  • 1530- The Persians attack the Ottomans. The Jurchen Empire is re-established by a new, Chinese, dynasty.
  • 1531- The golden age of Uluru begins.
  • 1535- England makes an alliance with Spain, and using Spainsh mercenaries attacks Scotia. Scotia fights back.
  • 1536- A civilization in Louisiana appears known as the Mississippi culture emerges In now days New Orleans.
  • 1538- The Aztecs expand their empire in a series of conquests into Northern Mexico.
  • 1539- One of the Polish Kingdoms establishes the first communist type government.
  • 1540- The new Jurchen Empire withdraws its mercenary troops from Persia. Scotia begins its green revolution and starts harvesting tons of food.
  • 1541- Rebellions spring out in Arabia and a new Zoroastrian states appears around Northwest Persia. The Famine ends in OTL Ireland.
  • 1550- A new King emerges in the Kingdom of Eire. England bargains with Spain and France and calls in armies to attack Scotia which now has many more resources.
  • 1555- Scotia beats England at the battle for Hadrians Wall. The war torn and resource drained England collapses. Spain continues attacking Scotia.
  • 1563- Spain conquers Portugal, but is so wartorn it withdraws from Scotia. France continues its attacks on Scotia. This is known as the Scottish- French war.
  • 1577- The first superpower seems to emerge in the Iberian Peninsula when Castille unites with Portugal and Aragon. An Iroquois explorer explores down the Mississippi river and into the desert where the Iroquois learn of the Aztec's culture. This strengthens the Iroquois Confederation with their new knowledge.
  • 1580- The Aztecs expand northward. Spain begins to monopilise trade in the Mediterranean. Ireland reunites under the new King of Ulster.
  • 1584- The Spanish finish monopolising the trade. The Ottoman empire attacks Egypt. Spanish forces beat the Ottomans. The Ottomans are weakened.
  • 1585- Small countries form in Arabia.
  • 1587- The Ice Age starts to warm up. A famine goes through Germany again. The three new superpowers of Italy, Spain, and the Ottoman empire expand and begin a competitive rivalry in the Mediterranean.
  • 1589- The Aztecs expand their cities. Teotihuacan grows in population. Aztec scientists develop chemistry. The Mayans reform their imperial government.
  • 1595- France defeats Scotia and gains many resources, but is later defeated in a battle against Spain.


  • 1601- France becomes a tributary state of Spain and Italy. The Khmer Empire expands southward and westward in search for resources. Decease ravages Central Asia. The Jurchen empire collapses and the Khmer empire expands northward. The people of Japan expand their villages and work towards living out the Ice Age.
  • 1602- Small Asian tribes migrate into America and begin a discovery.
  • 1604- France reforms into a republic.
  • 1607- The Ice Age ends with a bang as the change in climate causes a sudden rise of sea levels. Ice islands melt and some islands submerge underwater. Beringia sinks and ends the small Asian civilization in America from ever reaching Asia again.
  • 1611- The decrease in the ice allows for a large plague to rage upon Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • 1612- The Kingdom of Uluru unites with the Kingdom of Urinite. They form the united empire of Uluru.
  • 1615- The Khmer empire declines. The Kingdom of Siam begins to rise out of west Khmer.
  • 1616- The Thai-Khmer wars break out over border disputes.
  • 1617- The Spanish super power begins to attack and attempts a reconquest of Sicily. The Spanish government sets up a puppet state in Naples.
  • 1620- The Iroquois conquer the small Illini territories and create a tribute state out of the Illini.
  • 1624- The Austro-Hungarian empire conquers the small German states.

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