The Point of Divergence for [[Et Achaici Varangian]] is May 6th, 1097, when Alexius I is killed at the Siege of Nicaea. The point of divergence is May 6th, 1097, when Alexius I is killed in the Siege of Nicaea by a stray arrow. A rebel uprising occurs in Thrace, and they quickly march toward Constantinople. The Varangian Guard pulls out of Nicaea, and with the help of other Crusaders, is able to stop the rebels and install their own Emperor for a transitional government. Unfortunately, Byzantine nobility tried to take power as John II was only nine. Eventually, the Varangian Guard is left the last defender of Rome.

==The Wars of Succession==

From 1097 - 1109, the Wars of Succession took place in the Byzantine Empire.


Immediately after hearing about the assassination, the Varangian Guard and about 4,000 Crusaders left the First Crusade (Et Achaici Varangian) to defend Constantinople from the rebels in Thrace. On July 8th, the soldiers crossed the Bosporus into Thrace. The rebels were about 20 miles from Constantinople, and had already captured Erdine, I38.63 miles away.

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