Foundation Of Civilization (0 AU - 39 AU)

Haven, 0 AU

Haven, 0 AU

Civilization, 40 AU

Human Civilization in 39 AU.

0 AU (After Urd)
- The city-state of Urd is formed in Analogis, based on the principles of common defense and orthodox worship of the nearby Nak River.

7 AU - The city-state of Kardi is founded in north as a religious center for a separate sect of Nakkism.

13 AU - The city-state of Khur is founded to the north of Kardi, where indigenous people take the example of Urd and Kardi and organize in the name of common defense.

16 AU - Nak-Ur appears in the city-state of Urd from the desert, claiming to be a prophet. His religious authority is accepted by the priests of Urd and he is declared the religious and secular ruler of Urd. The religion of Nakkism is formalized as the single religion of Urd almost overnight.

22 AU - Nak-Ur introduces a crude prototype of a writing system in Urd. The system is adopted for mostly ceremonial and bureaucratic purposes within the Nakki religion.

27 AU - The city-states of Jurn and Nadamn are founded to the west of Urd by two brothers around desert temples to Nak.

31 AU - The city-state of Gheh is founded to the north of Nadamn by exiled criminals from Urd.

39 AU - The city-state of Manum is founded to the north of Khur.

The First War (40 AU - Present)

Civilization, 40 AU 2

Urd expands, 40 AU.

40 AU - Nak-Ur declares holy war on all cities along the Nak River that refuse to submit to rule of Urd as the seat of Nak on Haven. Messengers are sent immediately from Jurn and Nadamn indicating their willingness to submit to the rule of Urd. No other dispatches are received over the next few months, leading Nak-Ur to officially declare them as dens of heresy. The war machine of Urd marches to the north, quickly capturing Gheh in early winter.

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