The Second Punic War

The Battle of Metaurus:

By now Hasdrubal has made his way across the Alps, with siege engines to attempt to reinforce his brother. Hasdrubal runs into the Roman consuls Marcus Livius, and Gaius Cladius Nero on his way there and they enter battle along the Metaurus River. The Roman commander Nero used about 700 soldiers to try to distract Hasdrubal. Hasdrubal saw this coming, however, and ordered a cavalry unit to attack Livius's units, who were attempting to round the river and flank the army. The result is a counter-flank and the decimation of most of the Roman army, and Nero and Livius being taken captive. Hasdrubal quickly gathers his army and heads south to meet Hannibal.

Rejoining of Brothers and The Capture of The Portus Fleet:

Hasdrubal and Hannibal are now reunited and the army is very strong, with siege equipment. Hannibal and Hasdrubal head south to the Roman town of Portus, where they storm the city and capture one of the Romans greatest fleets. Meanwhile, Hannibal's third brother Mago, lands in Naples and causes trouble there. Hannibal's next target is Rome itself. He and his brother detach their armies in half, and are going to attempt to encircle the city and lay siege. It is also at this time, that Publius Scipio is recalled to Rome to defend his homeland.

The Battle of Rome:

By now Scipio is making a speedy return to Italy on a large fleet from Iberia. The new Portus fleet of captured Roman vessels intercepts his army on the coast of Massilia. The sea battle of Massilia results in a Pyrrhic victory, the Roman's techinically win the battle because Carthage retreats, but the Carthaginian fleet manages to deal an extreme blow to the Roman fleet resulting in a loss of soldiers. The Carthaginian fleet manages to escape with most of its navy intact. Scipio finally arrives south of Naples, where rebelling Samnite tribes and Mago's army raid Scipio's forces. When Publius Scipio arrives at Rome his army is greatly reduced, but a portion of his lost troops are replenished by Nero's army. When the battle starts Scipio is outnumbered 4:6, but he manages to put up a good fight, destroying half of Hasdrubal's army. But in the end Hannibal manages to flank Scipio by using the remainder of Hasdrubal's forces. Scipio's forces are encircled and destroyed, and with Scipio captured Hannibal offers peace. Scipio bluntly refuses. As a result the siege of Rome continues and 8 months later the city walls are broken. Hannibal does not want to waste his time capturing an enemy city. His policy is one of constant movement, this siege has broken that rule. Hannibal orders the city to be set ablaze, Rome burns down, but in the fiasco some of the senators manage to flee south to Tarentum.

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