The História Alternativa Wiki is a Wiki website established in 2003. It was founded by members of the Portuguese Baidu Conculture group. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest alternate history websites around and available in many different languages.

The Wiki also includes Map Games, which has become a popular past time. Due to its huge collection, it was moved to a subdomain, mapgames.histó

The Japanese version of História Alternativa Wiki contains the most Alternate Histories, with Chinese language following second, Korean third, and Portuguese fourth.

Here is a list of some notable alternate histories, including those in other languages.

Alternate Histories

Portuguese language

Sol Nascente sobre Grã-Bretanha

Sol Nascente sobre Grã-Bretanha Map (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)

Map of the World in Sol Nascente sobre Grã-Bretanha

In Sol Nascente sobre Grã-Bretanha (Rising Sun over Great Britain), the English managed to win over Denmark-Norway in conflicts and wars. As a result, the English, and later the United Kingdom, became a minor power in Europe.

Meanwhile, the Japanese colony of Moriya managed to push the Chinese out of parts of Mexico, and grew in size to cover OTL First Mexican Empire plus parts of OTL Louisianan Purchase. Japan managed to hold a tight grip over its colonies, and turned them into Overseas Prefectures.

By the Napoleonic Wars, the United Kingdom managed to repel the French invasion and weakened their navy. Shortly afterwards, the UK would then evolve into one of the World's Great Powers, alongside Japan, China, and Korea.

However Britain's glory didn't last for long. By the First World War, the British sided with the Central Powers and had fought against Japan. The war as a result lasted until 1921, in which the Central Powers were defeated. The British Isles were soon annexed by Japan, and the Dominion of Britain was established.

Shortly after the war, Brazil, Canada, Bolivia, New England, and Kangwŏn formed an alliance to defend themselves from the other Great Powers. Increasing tensions grew, and by 1950, Brazil decided to launch a pre-emptive strike against Japan by invading the Falkland Islands, which sparked the start of the Second World War. The war was the most devastating and become the only war in which nukes were used. Japan and the allies won the war, and Japan annexed all of Bolivia and the South Region of Brazil, Alaska annexed all of Canada and parts of Kangwŏn, and New Venice annexed all of New England.

Japan maintains its Global Empire to this day.

The Touhou Project in this timeline was created around 1994. By around 2002, following the success of Prefect Cherry Blossom, Sega met with ZUN, and managed to purchase Team Shanghai Alice. Since then, the Touhou series became a popular franchise under Sega, and ZUN would work together with Hajime Satomi in creating some games. An official Touhou Anime was also developed around 2004 and as of now has Eleven Seasons; and a few live action films were created based on the series.

  • Major Nations:
    • Empire of Japan
    • Sino-Korean Federation
    • New Venice
    • Russian Federation
    • Republic of India
    • Republic of Alaska
    • Republic of Scandinavia
    • Arabian Federation
  • Minor Nations:
    • Republic of Turkey
    • Republic of Poland
    • Greek Republic
    • Republic of the Seven United Netherlands
    • German Federal Republic

A Darker Place

In A Darker Place, Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified Japan, Ivan the Terrible never killed his son and instead the reverse happens, and in France Joan of Arc is murdered before she got a chance to talk with Dauphin. The English take Orleans and makes their presence on French soil official, later taking all of Northern France including Paris. In Korea, Yi Sun-sin is assassinated earlier, allowing the Japanese to take Korea. Japan later becomes an Empire and by the 1650s, parts of Siberia were under Japanese rule. The Ming Dynasty had dissolved between various warlords, though by the 1720s China was unified under the Second Tang Dynasty, being allied with Japan.

The timeline only goes up to around 1800s at the moment and is still being worked on.

Chinese language

Napoleon Non-existent

In Napoleon Non-existent, Napoleon dies at birth, and as a result France remains a monarchy. By 1850, Germany was established with the merge of Hannover and Bayern and by 1860 expanded to include Prussia.

Pax Mingxian

Pax Mingxian (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)

Map of the World in Pax Mingxian

In Pax Mingxian, the Ming Dynasty were able to succeed in their Luchuan–Pingmian campaigns and managed to gain land in Burma. This lead to an expansionist Ming Dynasty, and by around late 1490s begun colonisation of the Americas.

With a more powerful China, the Sengoku Era came to an end much sooner by the 1560s, however Japan was divided between the Satomi clan and the Tokugawa clan. However after much discussion, the two Shogunates united into one by 1700, and the Satomi-Tokugawa Shogunate was established. Later sometime during the 1760s, the Hongjiang War of Independence took place, which resulted in the Hongjiang colony in the Americas to declare independence.

By modern day, the Federal States of Hongjiang became one of the three superpowers on Earth, with the others being China and Japan.

In the Touhou Project, the main characters are Seiga Kaku and Yoshika Miyako.

Finland Superpower

Finland Superpower (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)

Map of the World in Finland Superpower

In Finland Superpower, around the 17th century, Finland had experienced greatly increasing taxes from Sweden, and later suffered a severe famine around the 1680s. Shortly afterwards, the Finnish people revolted against Sweden, and declared independence. In 1721, the Russian Empire attempted to invade Finland, which resulted in a heavy loss for the Russians. By 1755, Finland came into contact with Korea, China, and Japan and later signing alliances with them. The Russians attempted their second invasion of Finland in 1809, which not only resulted in another loss, but Russia had to secede some land to the Finns as well.

Since then, Finland had fought against Russia two more times: during the Russian-Japanese War and the First World War. Shortly after the Second World War, Finland gained superpower status and is today one of the four superpowers.

Japanese language

Beware the Umbrella

In Beware the Umbrella, Satomi and Ashikaga forces lost at the battle Battle of Kōnodai, which later lead to Toyotomi uniting Japan. However Toyotomi attempted an invasion of Korea, which led to failure, and Toyotomi being succeeded by the Tokugawa Shogunate. This leads to a world looking exactly like OTL. It's the largest alternate history around, containing over 3,000 pages and growing.

The main characters of the Touhou Project in this timeline are Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame. It also features a different sixth Touhou game, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The cast from EoSD soon became ridiculously popular and well liked by many fans.

Ohga's Desire

In Ohga's Desire, Nintendo breaks a deal with Sony to create a CD-ROM attachment for the Super Nintendo. As a result, Norio Ohga is angered and turns to Sega. Isao Okawa accepts Ohga's offer, and both Sega and Sony work together in creating the Mega-CD addon.

Since then, Sega and Sony became allies in the video game market, and both managed to surpass Nintendo by around 2002. Nintendo stopped making consoles in 2004, with the GameCube being the last console. Microsoft entered the gaming market by around 2001 and became a major competitor against the Sega-Sony alliance.

Team Shanghai Alice releases Touhou games for Sega, Sony, and Microsoft consoles. By 2006, Twilight Frontier decided to merge with Team Shanghai Alice to form Team Shanghai Frontier. The Touhou series remains popular throughout the world.

Toyotomi Japan

In Toyotomi Japan, the Satomi Forces were defeated by Toyotomi sometime in the early 1570s, which would lead to Toyotomi uniting Japan by 1580. With the early death of Yi Sun-sin in 1589, Toyotomi would then manage to successfully invade Korea. This results in an expansionist Japan, but in a largely different way then the Japan from TTL.

In the Touhou Project, the main characters are Mamizou Futatsuiwa and Nue Houjuu.

Korean language

Danish language

Early First World War

In Early First World War, the Russian-Japanese War begins as usual. The Dogger Bank incident also occurs, and the Russians refuse to comply with the Danish government's demands unlike in TTL. Denmark-Norway sides with Japan, France and its puppets side with Russia, and the war begins to expand from there. By the height of the war, the Alliance contained Japan, Denmark-Norway, China, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Finland against the Central Powers which were Russia, France, England, Bayern, Hannover, Prussia, and Greece. Japan and the Allies managed to win and the Treaty of Oslo was signed. As a result of the war, Greece lost land to Austria-Hungary and Turkey, and gave independence to Serbia. France had to give independence to Benelux, Catalonia, and Algeria. The German states were broken free from French influence and were unified to create Germany. Russia seceded land to Japan and gave Ukraine, Belarus, and Transcaucasia independence.

Italian language

German language

Shoutoku Legend ~ True Power

Shoutoku Legend ~ True Power (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)

Map of the World in Shoutoku Legend ~ True Power

In Shoutoku Legend ~ True Power, Satomi and Ashikaga forces lost at the battle Battle of Kōnodai. Later on however, the forces of Takeda Shingen managed to pull of a successful victory at the Battles of Kawanakajima, and later at the Siege of Hachigata. This lead to the Takeda clan uniting Japan. This leads to a World similar to TTL except the English managed to win against Denmark-Norway in a conflict in 1605 and again in 1670, which resulted in a Kingdom of Great Britain being created in 1707 between Scotland and England. The Swedish also managed to barely win a war against Russia, and kept Finland. Great Britain developed into a minor power in its own right, and managed to successfully fight against France and Denmark-Norway in the Napoleonic Wars. Hannover, Bayern, and Prussia later united in 1871 to create Germany.

Since then the World is similar to TTL, but without the Russian-Japanese War ever happening, Russia sided with the allies in the First World War, Denmark-Norway dissolved in the Second World War, and Ireland being conquered by Great Britain.

In the Touhou Project, the main characters are Toyosatomimi no Miko, Seiga Kaku, Reimu Hakurei, and Yukari Yakumo.

The name of this timeline got its name from Toyosatomimi no Miko's theme, Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator.

Russian language

A World of Difference

In A World of Difference, Toyotomi Hideyoshi unites Japan but it does not manage to become as powerful as TTL, so it develops like OTL until much later. Richard III of England wins control of England, Portugal discovers America and Amazonia, Russia becomes constitutional, and lots of other stuff happens from there. It is very large, amounting up to almost 700 pages.


In Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!, or simply Khan!, the legacy of the Mongol Empire is stronger as it conquers Japan and stretches its empire into Scandinavia. Eventually Europe presents a united front against the Empire, and slowly the Empire falls, although Eastern Europe and Asia are left behind as dominantly Muslim. The Mongol-descent Golden Horde would discover the western continents and several wars would spark up due to Mongol-European enmity.

Map Games

Kindai Hajimari series

The Kindai Hajimari (近代始まり; Latin: Principia Moderni) is a map game series from the Japanese language Wiki.

Kindai Hajimari

The first map game in the series, it started off in 1420. The game did fairly well, and was successful. The Hungarians became a World Power; India managed to build a large Hindu Empire and had a huge colonial empire similar to Spain, but with less land; Vietnam and Hanthawaddy also had huge colonial empires, and China managed to conquer Central Asia instead of Russia. While some European nations ended up falling to the Asian powers, Russia, Hungary, and Venice/Italy managed to avoid being conquered and match them in power. Sweden also did to an extent, but had temporary lost land to Hanthawaddy.

By modern day, Hungary, Italy, and Russia were the main superpowers in Europe, while India, Vietnam, and China were the main superpowers of Asia. Sweden and Japan became the Great Powers, as well as the Union of the Americas.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Satori Komeiji and Koishi Komeiji. Some of the Touhou characters however had made their appearance as far back as 1939.

Kindai Hajimari II

Legend of the Second Great War series

The Legend of the Second Great War is a map game series that takes place around the Second World War.

The series usually starts out at around 1931, the year René Mayer came into power in France. Most of the games in the series usually becomes defunct at around the 1980s due to loss of interest, with the exception of the original and the Revolutions, which ended in 1990 and 1998 respectively.

Mr. Alternate History

This map game is from the Italian language version and starts off in 1965. After the popularity of the Mr. Vampire film in China, a few Chinese Scientists manage to recreate some of the effects detailed from the film, which led to the rise of the Jiang Shis in China, and later spread to Hongjiang. This map game led to the rise of new nations, such as the United Federal Republics in former Kōshi and Bolivia, Vinland declaring independence from Denmark-Norway, German unification, and more.

Map Contest

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