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Hispanion union

The flag of the Hispanion Union

The flag of the Hispanion Union

The blue in the background is the traditional Hispanion blue, much like the Iberian Union has its own shade of blue. It also probably represents the same, for all people living in Iberia, and thus also the Hispanions, were mystic and religious, with knowledge of the stars and the sky, of plants and trees, and such things. The dark blue perhaps represents a road toward the orange ball, which may be the sun, or may be Carthago, for much like the Iberian Union, the Hispanion Union only became a semi-civilization due to Carthaginian influences. The spikes on the dark blue road may refer to their barbaric past, like the spikes of the Iberian Union do, or the dark blue might be water or the sea (for which the Hispanion Union had great respect), and the spikes could then be waves. Then the orange would be the sun on the horizon.

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