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Formation of the Hispaniolan Air Corps (HAC)


Marshal of the Air Force Carlos Bernardes

Founded in on the 25th of May 1913, during the creation of the Hispaniolan_Republic after months of political negotiation by the visionary Carlos Bernardes. He was given the rank of Marshal of the Air and the first planes were ready a year later (80 Fokker Vencedor).


As of 1915 two types of plane are in service: the Fokker Vencedor and the Fokker Carib. Total strength is 150 Vencedor, 150 Carib.

Fokker Vencedor copy
Fokker Vencedor

Type: Fighter
Engine: 1 x Rhone 110 hp.
Wingspan: 7.66 m
Length: 6.19 m
Weight: 392 kg/582 kg
Max. speed: 201 kph
Ceiling: 5940 m
Crew: 1
Armament: 2 x machine guns

Fokker Carib

Type: Fighter Engine: BMW IIIa inline, 185 hp

Wing Span: 29 ft 3.5 in

Length: 22 ft 11.5 in

Height: 9 ft 2.5 in

Max Speed: 124 mph

Ceiling: 21,000 ft

Endurance: 1.5 hours Crew: 1


HAC Roundel copy

HAC Roundel

Planes are marked with the HAC roundel on both the top of the wings and sides of the Tail. The Squadron markings are shown on the fuselage. Each Squadron has different markings. So far the are 6 Squadrons (25 of both types each).
  • Santo Domingo Squadron markings
  • Prince-Au-Port Squadron markings
  • Comendador Squadron markings
  • Les Cayes Squadron markings
  • La Romana Squadron markings

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