The Hispanic Federation was a federation after the fall of t
Hispanic Federation
Preceded by 1945-1979 Succeeded by
Second Kingdom of Spain Third Kingdom of Spain

Federation of Guay

Flag of Spain (1977 - 1981) Coatofamrshispanicfed
Flag Coat of Arms

Reine Suprema Español ()
("Spain will reign supreme")

Capital Madrid
Largest city New Mexico City
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Dictatorship
Population 57,934,988 
Currency Hespians
he Francoist Regime in 1945 after being heavily defeated in WWII. For a time being the the Kingdom of Spain came back into existence from 1945-1947. Soon hard line republicans such as Cruz Roldan and Alvino Ayon set up the Hispanic Unionist Party which aimed to unite all hispanics around the world.


After the signing of the Dusseldorf-Barcelona Alliance the Francoist Army were to enter every battle with the Germans. The Spanish were not greatly equipped and were easily defeated. The CIA soon conducted an assassination mission on the leader of the Francoist Regime after the Germans surrendered in 1945. Francisco Franco was assassinated on the 4 October 1945. The government collapsed and generals who were loyal to the dictator were rounded up and tried for war crimes and set to US and British prison camps.

The US Foreign Wartime Executive Office tried to help the country establish a new government but the Provisional Government refused and set up there own government. King Francis II was invited back and the constitutional monarchy was restored for now at least. The country had its own government once again with the Spanish Peace Party winning the most seats in the 1945 elections.

This was not to last long though. Debts from the dictatorship had transferred over and the country had not enough money to pay it off. The country had to borrow more money and soon the country was riddled with debt. The new far-right Hispanic Unionist Party promised a country were every person is equal, there will be no more debt and spain will be made great again.

In 1947 a election was called and the Hispanic Unionist Party won the election by a landslide. It had majority in the National Congress and began its pursuit for a totalitarien regime. It had a series of laws passed to help it do so.

  • The National Debt and Monarchy Act this act was major as it blamed all debts on the monarchy of Spain. The monarchy was abolished and arrested. All of their assets were sold and soon most of the debt was paid off. This was highly praised.
  • The Wartime Powers Act was passed which allowed the government to have full control during a war. The Spanish government soon declared war on Andorra claiming it as Spanish territory. The government now had full control
  • After this the Supreme Powers Act was passed and gave power to the government at all times. Soon the war against Andorra stopped. The government said they were pursuing more important goals but Andorra would be returned.
  • Then the New Constitution of 1948 was passed and it set out the new rules for Spain. The government had supreme power this was for the safety of its citizens. It was renamed the Hispanic Federation and all citizens were subject to review by the Citizenship and Registration Agency to make sure they weren't illegal immigrants.

The country soon become a new "Nazi Germany" though it did not kill a particular race. Many non-Hispanics were deported and all Hispanics got good jobs. Government approval soared and soon the government had everyone entailed in their regime.

The government was organised like this.

Soon after the government had full control of the country. The new Army Legislation and Conscription Act 1949 was signed and all boys from the age of 18-21 were forced to join the army. Army recruitment soared and in the space of three months 750,000 people were ready to join the army. Soon the force arrived at three million men and the government was ready to expand.

On the 21 October 1949 the new government announced it was supporting Costa Rica and Panama in fighting there civil wars. In return these two countries joined the newly formed Hispanic federation. Many countries protested but Spain had the same reply "We have talked to all these countries and they have offered to join our federation. This is not forced and we would gladly welcome them". Soon the new Federation Army had moved to these countries and started establishing fascist governments. The president of the United States called Spain the New Nazi Germany but Spain responded harshly and continued registering members to the federation.

Soon they took over every country in Latin America and by 1968 they took over all countries west of Brazil. Mexico, Peru and Argentina were all part of the Federation but allowed to set up there own Self Administrative Zone were they have some powers but direct rule could be imposed at any time. The Brazilian government feared that they were to be invaded this was known as The Tensions of 1970. The Mexico SAZ government wanted to expand its border 60 km north in America. The American government scrambled jets and military to the border. The federation was told to back down and they did.

The tensions got worse in 1971 when the Foreign Colonial Administration stated that Guyana and Suriname must join the Federation. They refused and soon federation military were entering the country under General Alfonso Bakirinis leadership. The US did not attack but asked the Federation to back down. The federation soon bombed the capital cities and the two governments collapsed. The US said war was imminent unless the Federation backed down. Alvino Alvon the President stopped the military from going any further. Alvino was by now an old man and a conservative and was the person who started the entire campaign. He entered into peace talks soon the three countries all signed the Treaty of Guyana which handed over the two countries to the Federation but they were to be allowed to be SAZ's.


On the 4 May 1972 Alvino Alvon after nearly 24 years as "President" died in office of a heart attack. His successor was Cruz Roldan but he was nearly 73 and was planning to retire that year. Cruz Roldan chose the Executive Secretary Santiago Guajardo to be the new President. On the 1 October 1972 Guajardo was appointed the office of President of the Federation. He was far more moderate then people expected and planned on handing back some countries in 1974. He soon become very unpopular due to his economic regimes which seemed very communist. He was from Honduras which had a very strong communist population and weren't as keen to join the Federation. His own army soon overthrew him and General Antonio Burgo came to power.

Burgo was a very strong nationalist and believed Spain should establish a Empire to show its glory and challenge that of the British. He started his term in 1974 which would ultimately only last five years. He introduced new foreign policy and began talks with Iran for a nuclear weapons program in 1976. He then launched Operation Phillip to attack the Philippines. He began building a new nuclear power plant under the cover of the National Power Scheme.

The End of the Federation

On 23 January 1979 Burgo issued Executive Order No.27880 which laid claim to the Philippines a old colony of the Spanish Kingdom. He said that if the Philippines did not subject to the Federation he would attack. The US close allies of the Philippines said there would be immediate war if they initiated their plan. Burgo's response was "No power in the tongue of man shall alter my decision". With that Ronald Reagan the US President launched Operation Skyfall. This was a plan with Britain and France to attack the Spanish Federation if needs be.

Operation Skyfall

Operation Skyfall was a huge success. Portugal soon switched allegeance and allowed their ports to be used by the US. Soon us ships carrying thousands of US troops overran Spain and its colonies. Many of the South American countries governments collapsed and claimed independence. Only Panama refused and stuck with Spain. Soon it was invaded by Mexico.

As the Spanish Front line was pushed back the US soldiers attacked the African colonies and freed them. They soon entered Madrid. Air strikes were carried out on the city and the Madrid Palace was bombed and the General Burgo was killed in the airstrike.

The American forces entered the Central Governing Committee conference room to find all leaders except the Governor of Mexico dead. The Governor of Mexico said he believed the countries should be freed. He said he was now the Official President and he signed the final executive order Executive Order No. 0000 which collapsed the government. The Federation had fallen and all countries were now independent.

Post Invasion

Soon all the countries returned to there democratic governments and the Spanish Kingdom was returned. After the Spanish government was formed the Constitutional Powers of the Citizen Act was passed which meant only the citizens could vote if they wanted the constitution to be changed. The Federation of Guay is widely believed to be the successor of the Hispanic Federation. It controls immigration strictly and claims to be a presidential republic but the two presidents since its inception have both been related.