Hippolytus Project (also titled The Hippolytus Project) was a 1991 English-American action film in the Martin Jones series produced by Crown Studios and directed by Mark Werth. The film was the fourth film to feature Jim Ames as Jones, and had an international supporting cast that included Eddie Murphy, Amanda Roykins, Robert De Niro, Sam Youngling, and Bill Richards.

Despite being the longest and most expensive production to date in the series, and being released against heavy competition in one of the most profitable summers in Hollywood history, the film was a massive financial success, grossing nearly 600 million worldwide and ending up as the second highest-grossing film of the year, behind only Jake McCoy and the Last Crusade. However, the grueling filming in Northern England, coupled with the availability of other projects, led to the film being the final entry in the series for Ames.

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