Hindu Republic of India
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan
Hindu Republic of India Hindu Republic of India CoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Hindu Republic of India Map
Location of India
(and largest city)
New Delhi
Language Hindi
Religion Hinduism
Demonym Indian
The Hindu Republic of India is a religious republic with a monarchy.


In 1966, the people of India began a civil war over how to run the country. There was four sides in the civil war: Royals (People supporting a monarchy), Republicans (People supporting a republic), Nationalists (People supporting a dictatorship) and the Anarchists (People supporting a self governed society). In 1968, each side declared independence, creating four nations: Royal Republic of India, Republic of India, Kingdom of India and Social Republic of India. However, each of these nations started collapsing due to issues, political or economical. In 1972, Royal Republic of India became the Hindu Republic of India with a Hindu Royal family. The Hindu Republic annexed Republic of India in 1975. In 1977, Social Republic of India wanted to join the Hindu Republic so it was annexed. In 1980, the Kingdom of India was annexed. In 1984, the Hindu Republic of India declared war on the United States of Arabia, over difference of religion. In 1988, the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of Thailand joined the war on the side of the Hindu Republic. In 1989, the Indian-Arabian War ended in a Indian victory and the state of Pakistan given to India. In 1993, Hindu Republic annexed Bangladesh and Nepal. In 1997, the Indian Great Depression started because of the low morale of the country's population. This depression is carrying on to this day. This sent a shock wave into the People's Republic of China, who had already had economic issues with starvation and drought. In May 1999, India's economy completely collapsed. In July 1999, the People's Republic of Thailand started funding India's economy. Without Thailand, India would have collapsed by now.

Life in India

Life in India is quite unstable as the country is in a depression so the country is in dismay and the economy is dead.



People's Republic of Thailand

Democratic Republic of China


United States of Arabia

New Ottoman Empire

Empire of Kazakhstan

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