The Empire of Hindustan, more popularly known as the Hindu Empire, was a kingdom that ruled most of India under the Chauhan dynasty.

In 713, the empire of Rajastan formed, which lasted until 820 with the death of the childless Vinayak Raj. The Varna Sabha elected Ramaraja Chauhan as king, with his Sabha seat replaced by the Ajmeri chieftain. Ramaraja and his successors increased the prosperity of India by establishing Magadha and Multan as major Silk Trade cities. Hinduism became the dominant religion at the time after Advaita scholar Shankaracharya spread it across the empire in the 800's.

The empire's greatest ruler, Siddartha, turned his empire into a silk road hub, and after an espionage war with China, successfully stole the instructions for Silk production, enriching the empire and giving land-owners political power until the rebellion of the Kolkota company, which ended in limits placed on value of owned property.

As the empire shifted away from feudalism, it became more centralized and eventually became more open to foreigners than before, with gunpowder arriving at the economy's finest period. By the 950's gunpowder was being used to make hand cannons as well as delicate and unstable land-mines.

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