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Hindenburg decides the best option will be to make sure that the Nazis can not get into power at any cost. He offers the Catholic Centre Party, the German National People's Party, and the Social Democrats, who would have a majority of the seats, the chance to form a new government, which they agree to, under Centre Party Leader Ludwig Kaas, who becomes the new chancellor.

Immediately, the new coalition government sets to to try to resist the Nazis, and their first plan is to get the economy under control. Although faced with both Nazi and Communist opposition, the government is able to work together to get a series of economic recovery laws enacted, which manages to cut the unemployment rate by half, and raise the standard of living for everyone. Himmler realizes that the base of his support is being swooned away, and tries to sabotage all further efforts. However, his party faithful ruin the plan by trying to assassinate Chancellor Kaas, who, although seriously wounded, survives. The police crack down on the Nazis, and force Himmler to flee to Austria in 1935, and breaking the back bone of the party. The Nazi movement slowly dies away, the party itself disbanding in 1946, And Himmler, in self-imposed exile, dies in 1956.

The government, now without the Nazis, is able to focus on re-establishing the economy, which is hampered by the Communists. Although large strides had been made, the economy is still barely two-thirds of what it was in 1929, and still over three million were unemployed. The Communists call for state ownership, while the Right wing German National People's Party, or the DNVP, want the government to stay out of the economy altogether. And the election is coming in 1937, only two years away.

What id to be done?

Do what the Communists want

Do what the DNVP wants

Muddle through until 1937

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