765px-Hindenburg at lakehurst

The Hindenburg landed on Kel'reca, 1954.

The Hindenburg was an ISOT-equipped ship of the Reich Ministry of Commerce, modelled after the original Hindenburg airship that was destroyed in an accident in 1937. The Hindenburg was one of the first Reich-manufactured ships to reach Cvidarrki.

The Hindenburg, en route on a trading mission to the Zheronian planet Kel'reca in 1954, became caught in a crossfire between the Zheronian military and the Kel'recan Liberation Front, a faction of members of the Kel'recan species that sought independence from the Zheronian Empire. The Hindenburg's engines were damaged in the insurrection, and the Reich sent a fleet, commanded by Erich von Manstein, to assist the Zheronians to quell the Kel'recan Insurrection.

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