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As the battles rage, the ineptitude of the Weimar commanders allows the Nazis to gain a crucial advantage. They spread their dominion over much of Germany, and people begin defecting from the Weimar government to the Nazis. On August 5, 1938, Berlin is seized by the Nazis, and the Third Reich is proclaimed by Himmler on the steps of the Reichstag. Shortly afterwards, the Weimar government flees to Poland, ahead of Nazi troops.

With control now cemented in Germany, Himmler has some decisions to make. He wants his revenge on the Western Powers, who caused Germany's disgrace in the Great War, and backed the Weimar government in the Civil War. The only problem is that much of the nation was destroyed in the Civil War, and the people are clamoring for the Nazis to rebuild their shattered nation. What course will Himmler take, as he prepares to take Germany to its rightful place in the world?

Rebuild Germany

Attack those who helped Weimar

Begin a purge of all disloyal Weimar elemts

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