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Himmler has been living in brooding in Argentina for the past years. He has been watching the events in Europe, and sees Europe increasing falling under the influence of the communists. He finally decides to take action and take the war to the communists, starting with the socialists in Brazil. His Nazi militias stage a hostile taskeover of the Argentine government, and install a leader who can be easily manipulated, making Himmler de facto leader of Argentina.

With control of that nation secured, Himmler begins modernizing the armed forces, in preparation for a war with Brazil. He also begins seeking out other Right wing governments in south america to aid him. He finds warm reception in Bolivia and Ecuador. They declare their alliance as the SAFA, the South American Fascist Alliance. Himmler gives the alliance a pro-US face, so the Americans won't interfere with his plans. The Americans are at the very least confused about the whole situation.

One year after Himmler takes control of Argentina, he launches his invasino of Brazil. In order to secure non-interference from the US, he casts it as an effort to remove the socialist agitators from power there, who have been funding uprisings in his country. The US is willing to go along with this, as they have no love for communists. However, they refrain from giving SAFA military supplies and economic aid. The Soviets send economic aid to Brazil, but they don't send soldiers, as they are afraid that the US will react the wrong way.

The Argentine attack on Brazil fired a large South American conflict. All nations there found themseves forced to join one side or another, no one was able to stay neutral. Eventually, SAFA gained the upper hand, and defeated Brazil and their allies. Nations that fought against them were either annexed, or had a friendly government put in place, who then joined SAFA. Before the US realized what had happened, the entire continent of south America was under fascist rule. Now the US began to get worried. With Himmler controlling South America, it was only a hop away from the vital Panama Canal, a skip away to Mexico, who were sympathetic to SAFA, and a jump to America. What does the President of the US do?

Deploy soldiers to vital interests in Panama

Replace Mexican government with Armed Force

Nothing. The military coups the US government.

Large military buildup, but no hostile action.

Created by: Azecreth 11:39, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

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