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Himmler surveys his armies, and is pleased. Many weapons have been created, and the German people are ready. It is finally time to take revenge on the Western Powers, who so brutally tried to deny the potential of Germany In May of 1940, Nazi Germany declares war on France. In response, the British declare war on Germany.

The armies of the Reich slam into the French defenses, and are able to break through, thanks to theirt usage of massed tank formations. But this does not mean that the French have given up. They continue to resist fiercely, and their British allies are also fighting hard, for the democracy that they believe in. The war rages, and despite the advances in technology, it looks like the war might bog back down into a stalemate.

The British and French have been able to counter the German advantage in tanks. The Germans do have better commanders, but the British and French are able to use their own tanks to prevent encirclements. Much of northern France is occupied, but Paris still stands as beacon for the Allies. Himmler realizes that something must be done, before the German people lose the heart for this war, if it becomes WW1 all over again. What does he do?

Convince Mussolini to join the war

Set a trap for the Allies, and destroy them.

Continue on, we will win the day through sheer force

Created by: Azecreth 21:12, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

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