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As the Nazi's close upon Hamburg, John, no longer the mercenary hired to do a job, but the leader of the DUS, decides to lead a small force to the lines, and kill Himmler. Himmler had basically reformed the Party that one only he and he alone was the true leader; while it was much more efficient than the dead Hitler's structure, any leader after Himmler was destined, by the organizational structure of the Party, to fail. So, if John and his team could kill Himmler, the Nazi Party could be destroyed.

The DUS forces attack the front lines, and are close to breaking out, but the Nazi's reinforce, with Himmler leading the new troops. John and his men take the opportunity to kill Himmler. John readies his rifle, and pulls the trigger. The bullet passes cleanly through the Nazi leaders head, knocking off his trademark steel-rimmed glasses. As he collapses, the Nazi's become disheartened, as the DUS forces cheer, and finally are able to push back the Nazi's, and save Hamburg.

The Nazi party fractures into multiple groups, all fighting to try to rebuild the party as Hitler and Himmler would have wanted it. But none are successful. The DUS takes over the Reichstag easily in the 1932 elections, and the German police and army round up the few groups of Nazi's, and soon they become a footnote of history, while John returns to Ireland a content man, having saved Germany and Europe from the genocidal fantasies of the German dictators.

But a greater threat arises in the east. The Soviet Union, under Josef Stalin, believes that the time is coming to bring Europe Communism. And, without a strong, anti-communist Germany, he feels he can easily sweep in.

What's Stalin's first target?

Poland and Baltic Nations

Romania and Hungary


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