Himalaya Kingdom
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
Flag of Nepal rectangular
Flag of Himalaya
Himalayas 1468 PMIV
Himalaya and Ladakh in 1475 (light purple); Himalaya is on the right.
(and largest city)
Language Persian, Hindavi
Religion Shia Islam, Sunni Islam, Hinduism
Government Vassal of Delhi
Established 1460
Currency Rupee

The Himalaya Kingdom is a Delhavi vassal in northern India.


The Himalaya Kingdom was created in 1460, after land was ceded by Tibet from their vassal of Nepal. Himalaya then became a Delhavi tributary. The ruling dynasty of Himalaya was formed when the Sultan's nephew married the daughter of a powerful Kathmandu noble.

In 1462, Delhi began detaining Gunterist followers and missionaries in the Himalaya Mountains, so the Himalaya Kingdom heavily guards these prisons. By 1463, the majority of these Gunterists were sent south to the Chagos Islands, except for those younger than 7. These children were sent to the village of Khumjung to become loyal Delhavis and learn the ways of Islam.

Himalaya's size approximately tripled when Kangra and West Nepal merged with the kingdom. The Delhavi purchase of West Nepal from Tibet allowed Himalaya to be connected to Kangra by only traveling through vassal territory. Kangra and West Nepal were combined with Himalaya, making the kingdom one contiguous strip of land.

Foreign Relations


  • Delhi: Created the Kingdom.

Official Allies

  • Same as Delhi.

Good Relations

Neutral Relations

  • Tibet: The Delhians don't like them, although Himalaya was originally part of a Tibetan-vassalized Nepal. The Tibetan vassal of West Nepal appears to be anti-Delhi and anti-Muslim. However, when Tibet sold West Nepal to Delhi, anti-Delhi and anti-Muslim activites ceased in the region, and allowed West Nepal and Kangra to merge with Himalaya. Relations have improved with Delhi.

Tense Relations

Hostile Relations

Abysmal Relations

  • N/A

Official Enemies