Industry Hotel
Founded 1919
Founder(s) Conrad Hilton
Number of locations 680 hotels
Area served Earth, Orbit, Moon
Parent Hilton Systemwide

Hilton Hotels & Resorts (formerly known as Hilton Hotels) is an international chain of full service hotels and resorts, it is the flagship brand of Hilton Systemwide. It was founded by Conrad Hilton and is now owned by Hilton Systemwide. Hilton hotels are either owned by, managed by, or franchised to independent operators by Hilton Systemwide. Hilton Hotels became the first coast-to-coast hotel chain of the United States in 1943, and put their first hotel in orbit in 1980. The Hilton chain has worked closely with the Howard Johnson's chain of restaurants in space operations.

As of 2012, there are now over 530 Hilton branded hotels across the world in 78 countries across seven continents, 65 orbital hotels 35 lunar resorts and 50 submerged in all the oceans. Key people included Paris Hilton who pushed the company to open the first hotel on Mars.

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