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Hill Family (Great Nuclear War
Hill Family
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
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Hill Family Crest

Ethnicity: Quebecois
Notable Members: Eliab Hill, Thomas Hill, Priscilla Hill, Martha Hill
The Hill Family is a prominent group of survivors living in Ontario. They run a mobile salvage operation.


Before the war, the Hills lived in Pembroke Ontario. In the Nuclear Holocaust, they left town in the mass exodus toward Central Ontario. While most ended up in the large refugee camps outside Kingston, the Hills moved on in search of greener pastures.


The Hill Family Wagon

Eventually, the Hills were able to purchase a covered wagon, and some power tools. Moving west, they sought to profit from the destruction of the Toronto Metro Area.

Slag Plain

Upon reaching Oshawa, on the edge of the Slag Plain. Using their primitive means, they were able to begin selling scrap to Kingston survivors. Their camp became very busy, with more and more Salvage Operators joining the Hills, with each man or woman selling what he could cut out of the ground. The camp became known as Murray, after the road nearby. It lasted for nearly a decade before scrap became thin, and Salvagers began to move on, including the Hills, whose operation had become very large.