The Hill Dynasty was a ruling party of China between 120 and 270 AD. The Hill Dynasty were part of the Hill tribe, who conquered China in the Sino-Sican War.


The Hills invaded China from their encampments in Nepal beginning in 117 and ending in 120. In 121, the Hills established the city of Xanux in northeastern China, where the Hill Dynasty ruled from. The Hill Dynasty continued to gain power and territory into the year 215.


The Hill Dynasty began to lose power after 215, but drastically from 230 on. In 251, the entire southeast and northwest of China declared independence from the Hills and they were unable to defend their land. In 270, the Song Dynasty seized the rest of Hill lands, except for the city of Xanux.


In 898, a siege of Xanux was reversed by the young prince and military leader Consteto. For the next six years, Consteto would reconquer China. In 903, the Hill Dynasty was officially re-established when the father of Consteto was crowned Emperor of China.

In 904, Consteto's father died, and Consteto was crowned Emperor of China. Some say this was the official rebirth of the Hill Dynasty of China.

Second Decline

Eventually, the Hill tribe conquered lands in the west, and gradually the empire's population, economy, and attention moved further in that direction. When the middle of the empire fell to rebellion, the remaining empire split into two: the east (China) and the west (Europe, Egypt). The eastern empire fell due to internal dispute and famine, and neglect from other Sicans.

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