Republic of Hilal
جمهورية الهلال
Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Artemis Chasma (Venus).
Flag of Hilal (Venusian Haven) Coat of arms of Hilal (Venusian Haven)
Flag Emblem
Map of Venus (Venusian Haven)
Location of Hilal (right green).

وحدة وحرية (Arabic)
("Unity and Liberty")

Capital Hammurabi
Largest city New Baghdad
Other cities Aflaq, Messiah, New Palestine
  others Assyrian, Kurdish, Russian
  others Christianity, Scientology
Demonym Hilali, Hilalian
Government Unitary presidential republic
  legislature People's Council
President Muhammed Faris (Ba'ath)
Area ~900,000 km²
Population ~100,000 
Independence from Iraq
  declared December 18, 2011
  recognized 2012
Currency Venerka (฿) (VEN)
Internet TLD .hl
Organizations LAS, UN, UNVC, VF

The Republic of Hilal (Arabic: جمهورية الهلال, Jumhūriyyat al-Hilāl), also known as Hilal (الهلال, al-Hilāl), is a sovereign state located in southern Aphrodite Terra on planet Venus. The region was initially a series of Iraqi-dominated settlements established throughout the early 2000s. The majority of settlers came from Iraq and the Middle East, gradually developing into a safe haven for many Arab dissidents. During the chaos of the Arab Spring on Earth, the region came together and declared their independence from Iraq. While debated on Earth (particularly among Middle Eastern nations), the newly proclaimed nation soon gained support on both Earth and Venus (with New Kamchatka being their biggest supporters). Hilal continues to be unrecognized by Iraq.

Unique among the Arabic-speaking nations, Hilal is constitutionally a liberal democracy and a secular state, where all citizens (especially minorities and women) are guaranteed equality. Despite being a secular state, Islam continues to play a major part within the nation and is practiced by a majority of the population. In the northern portions of the nation, Christians make up the majority.

Hilal is located in southern Aphrodite Terra and includes territory just east of Artemis Sinus (a crescent-shaped bay). The region has a humid and tropical climate, dominated by evergreen forests and savannas. Hilal is arguably the greenest and wettest Arabic-speaking nation (despite not being on Earth).


The name Hilal stems from the Arabic word for "crescent." The name was coined early on in the region's colonization and is in direct reference to the crescent-shaped Artemis Sinus.

Government and Politics

Political Parties


The Republic of Hilal is a unitary state comprised of several governorates (Arabic: محافظات, muḥāfaẓāt).


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