Higher Education Loan Program Act
Seal of the Imperial Congress of Cygnia
57th Imperial Congress of Cygnia
An Act to establish, for the sake of economic stability for Cygnian students, and to ensure that Cygnian students may pursue their education without fear of financial insecurity, a Higher Education Loan Program, from which these same students can obtain Government support providing they meet certain qualifications.
Territorial extent Whole of Cygnia
Enacted by Imperial Congress
Date passed 9 July 2015
Date of Royal Assent 14 December 2015
Legislative history
Bill citation Act No. 36 of 2015
Introduced by Chancellor Dorian Brandt (DLP)
First reading 2 March 2015
Second reading 15 March 2015
Third reading 29 March 2015
Committee report 26 March 2015
Status: In force

The Higher Education Loan Program Act (HELPA), commonly called the HELP Act, is a Cygnian Act of Congress passed on 9 July 2015 and commenced by Imperial Assent on 14 December 2015. The HELP Act represents the most significant overhaul to the Cygnian tertiary fee regulatory system since the passage of the HECS Act by the 1990 Hawke Government. Under the HELP Program established by the Act, tertiary education has become far more accessible. The HELP Act was one of the first major policies enacted by Chancellor Dorian Brandt, and was also one of his most anticipated, as it had been promised since the beginning of his cancellarial campaign in 2014.

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