High Court of New Venice
Alta Corte di Nuova Venezia
Coat of arms or logo.
Type of Upper house of the New Venice Legislature
Doge Filippo Sommparipa
since 2004
Chief Counsel Antonio Adorno
since 2012
Meeting place
The High Court of New Venice is a legislative chamber in the bicameral legislature of New Venice and together with the Senate makes up the two chambers of the New Venetian legislature.

The composition and powers of the Senate are established in Article One of the New Venetian Charter. 40 of the most noble families of New Venice have been selected to participate. The High Court Chamber is located in Dukes Palace, in New Venice, New Dogado.

For the Arms of the High Court the arms of the current Doge is used.

Member Families

40 of the most powerful Families of New Venice are granted a spot in the High Court. The family may appoint one member to repesent thm and serve in it. Each member of the high court is granted the title of Baron.

New Arcghpegligo

  • Acciaioli Acciaioli
  • Crispo Crispo
  • Insignia Germany Order Teutonic Reval
  • Coat of Arms of the New Archpelago (GoN) Sanudo
  • Sommaripa Sommparipa
  • Venier Ancient Venier

New Dalmatia

  • Bassegli Bassegli
  • Cerva Cerva
  • Coat of Arms of New Dalmatia (GoN) Domenico
  • Gradic Gradic
  • Senerica Senerica
  • Domenico Flabanico Flabancio

New Dogado

  • Barbarigo Barbarigo
  • Pietro Centranico Centranico
  • Filippi Filippi
  • De Gondi Gondi
  • Coat of Arms of the House of Orseolo (GoN) Orseolo
  • Domenico Selvo Selvo
  • Zovagli Zovagli

New Terraferma


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