Leader of the High Council
Emblem of the Norse Empire
Jari Eriksson

since 6 April 2012
Style His/Her Excellency
Residence Palace of Uppsala
Nominator Public, The Queen
Appointer Public election
Term length At Her Majesty's Pleasure
First holder Freydis Jensen
Salary ৳1,000,000 (year)
 The Leader of the High Council or High Councillor is the head of government of the Norse Empire. He or she is elected by popular vote. The Queen and public can both nominate candidates. The Queen can only nominate one candidate. The Leader of the High Council must be nominated from the current 12 members of the High Council. Jari Eriksson is the current leader of the High Council, he is the youngest leader in the history of the High Council, at the age of only 25. He was nominated by the Queen herself, as she had known him when she went to school and they were friends. The High Councillor is also ex officio President of the Parliament.